Fábio Ferreira

I was born in a small village in sunny Portugal and soon I learned about computers (they still had B&W screens at the time) when I was 3. I rapidly took my attention to them. Playing solitaire was the biggest thing ever for a 3y old!

But it was when I turned 9 that I finally got a laptop, in which I learned about the web, the games, the game-cracking underworld, the pirating websites and everything that made the web so fun, super-interactive, amazing and truly groundbreaking. I quickly fell in love with cracking and testing stuff out.

Barely after I turned 10, was so addicted to playing the popular game sequels like Counter-Strike and Grand Theft Auto that my family suggested I should learn how to program since I usually said I loved computers so much. As it turned out, one day I was super bored and decided to watch programming videos. To my surprise, I found an exciting online community (The New Boston and StackOverflow) ready to help and share everything, for free.

I kept playing but I gradually shifted my interest to programming due to how exciting it was, and the growing curiosity about how this and that was built. At 12 or so, I got my first programming book (it was for Visual Basic), and read it in less than 2 weeks. Right at that time, I fell in love, crazy in love with this. I bought a C lang book and then went 100% into the web and learned everything else there, you name it.

Since then, I've co-founded an organization, ran pre-acceleration programmes, helped organising tech talks and connecting aspiring entrepreneurs to the right mentors. In the way, I created a lot of stuff just for fun and I've worked as a remote freelance full-stack developer.