Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Work with me

Before dropping me a message, I would love you to read about my workflow.

1. Who Am I

In a practice, I'm somebody who makes a living by creating and optimizing solutions, in order to help people. Pure and simply, I'm a builder. Like Manny or Bob (but I write code). I may be a little bit difficult to get along with, if you don't agree that remote work and flexible working hours are the next big thing. However, I try to keep my availability up to 24/7 and flexible to everyone.

2. Flexiblity and Results Oriented

I like being my own boss (or my own supervisor) in a way that I don't care how many hours I work, from 9-5 or from 10-6. Results are results and I always push my projects to go beyond expectations both in terms of performance, speed and efficency.

3. No F*#@ing Around. Your business matters to me.

I don't like bottlenecks or wasted time. Good engineering means great developer and client experience, not forgetting good pay. It's very frustrating whenever someone brings useless tech stacks discussions to the table. I try to put myself in the business owner's foot all the time. Business is key, even if costs have to be sacrificed for better results and profits.

4. Never compromise performance due to budget

I love building software from scratch if that means the performance will be greater. Great tech solutions empower businesses to perform way better, than cheaper but slower tech.

4. Blazing fast prototyping and customer commitment

If we agree about a budget, project deadline and specs I expect you, as a client, to be commited to the idea and avoid wasting time with useless discussions. This way, the product gets delivered sooner than you realise.