Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Work with me

Who Am I

In a practice, I'm somebody who makes a living by creating and optimizing solutions, in order to help people. Pure and simply, I'm a builder. Like Manny or Bob (but I write code, haha). I may be a little bit difficult to get along with, if you don't agree that remote and flexible schedules are the next big thing.

Flexiblity and Results Oriented

I like being my own boss (or my own supervisor) in a way that I don't care how many hours I work, from 9-5 or from 10-6. Results are results and I always push my projects to go beyond expectations both in terms of performance, speed and efficency.

No F*#@ing Around

I don't like bottlenecks or wasted time. Good engineering means great developer (and client) experience, not forgetting good pay. It's very frustrating whenever someone brings useless tech stacks discussions to the table. I try to put myself in the business owner's foot all the time.

Have you ever seen somebody change worn tires while going 50km/h?